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We infuse an emotional based approach with every key message we offer,communicating all learning points with passion for our purpose.

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Products & Services

Tailor-made technology for driving performance

Intuitive Quality Management

The most effective tool for improving service quality in any business. Consolidating real-time tracking of operational excellence activities and guest satisfaction Qtx is actionable and relevant for any service business.

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Premium Spa Learning Experience

Real-time KPI tracking for spa operations with Real-time industry analytics.

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Custom Solutions

Integrating our expertise in driving performance together with our technology partners, we love the challenge of building high yielding operational tools for service driven businesses.

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A very impressive tool and excellent services. The team did everything to accomodate our needs and we are extremely satisfied with our investment. Thank you!

Darren Scicluna Director of Training, Melco-Crown Entertainment

Excellent Tool

Patrick ShaubVP Hotel Operations, Studio City Macau

I want to thank you for your diligent work and everyday availability during our project.

Alidad Tash SVP Gaming Operations & Strategy, Melco Crown Entertainment


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